Central Workshop

Workshop is the heart of Mechanical Engineering Department, where the students get the practical knowledge besides the theoretical part of the subject. The workshop has following eight sub-sections namely

  • Machine Shop,
  • Welding Shop.
  • Carpentry Shop,
  • Fitting and Sheet-metal Shop,
  • Foundry Shop,
  • Smithy Shop,
  • Electrical Shop.

Each sub-section of the workshop has the ultra-modern machines & equipments such as Centre Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, Power Hacksaws, Surface Grinding Machines, Rolling & Bending Machines, Hearth Furnaces, Arc-Welding, Gas Welding & MIG-Welding Machines etc. The details of all the equipment in each shop is as follow:

  1. Machine Shop: CNC Turning Lathe, Capstan Lathe, Column and Knee type Milling Machine,
    Simple-Power-Hacksaw-Attachment-for-Lathes, Grinding Machines, Grinding Wheels, Lathe Parts, Milling
    Cutters I, Milling Cutters II, Parts of a Standard Shaper, Radial Drilling Machine,
    Reamers, Vertical Milling Machine
  2. Welding Shop: Electric Arc Welding Equipment, Element of Jigs and Fixtures (Locating devices), Oxy acetylene
    torch, Spot Welding Equipments and Welding-Torch
  3. Carpentry Shop: Wood Lathe Machine, Carpentry Braces, Carpentry Chisels, Carpentry Holding Tools, Carpentry
    Marking Tools, Carpentry Measuring Tools, Carpentry Planes, Carpentry Saws, Hand Tools used in Carpentry,
    Kinds of Files.
  4. Fitting and Sheet-metal Shop: Fitting Chisels, Hacksaws, Kinds of Files, Bench Vice, Scrappers, Sheet Metal Tools ,Sheet Metal Tools II, Snips, Taps and Dies ,Try Square, Different types of Hammers
  5. Foundry Shop: Foundry-Tools, Centrifugal Casting, Electric Arc Furnace, Injection Molding mold base.
  6. Smithy Shop: Anvil, Forging hammer, Open-Hearth-Furnace, Smith’s tools, Different types of hammer
  7. Electrical Shop: Common Hand tools, Wiring & fitting